Dinghy Upgrades

As we are preparing for our cast off date we are working hard to get any repair work, boat add ons and upgrades in place. This weekend we projected the Dinghy. Upgrades that we got done:

  • Outboard motor added- this is a reliable Johnson 6 HP 2 stroke motor capable of carrying 5 gallons of fuel. It’s function is to take us to shore quickly and easily from our anchorage.
  • Minor Floor leaks repaired: More of a nuisance than a safety hazard were leaks that allowed water to enter the floor area. Some minor patch work took care of this issue.
  • New hard floor: A hard floor in a dinghy makes the boat more rigid and comfortable. It also makes it easier for us to carry heavier items onto the boat.

We’re Excited to have gotten this project done, feel good to have a working Dinghy. Definitely a few more projects in the pipeline before we take off!

Dinghy with new motor but no floor yet

The floor design

Ready to get fitted

One piece of marine plywood, costly enough that we don't want to mess up

Here we go

starting to take on shape

Dinghy with Floor

looks and works great

motoring off in dinghy

Ready to venture out

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  1. August 28, 2010 at 4:52 am

    nice pix. good job. you sealed the wood?

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