The Adventures

Our adventures of the past 15 months have come to an end. We sailed our vessel “Patience” down the western coastline of the Americas in
search for un-ridden waves, we rode our trusty Colorado mountain ponies into the Rockies for two months and undertook an expedition into the Patagonia backcountry on horse-back in search for unclimbed granite faces. Through hard work, determination and the support of family, friends and our network, we manifested these dreams into reality.

Upon our return to the US in February, we immediately began putting our efforts into the next big adventure – turning Treks and Tracks into
a medium that we can live our passions through, while sustaining an income. I found that the deepest challenge and meaning in manifesting dreams comes from choosing the path we walk in everyday life. Though deeply important and profound, leaving home and family to pursue a temporary adventure, is just that – temporary. Building Treks and Tracks as a business and as an expression of what the three of us love, has been the most fulfilling work of my life.

Jakob is in North Carolina overseeing big picture operations, Paul is developing our climbing school in Malibu and I’m holding down the school here in Santa Cruz. We’re constantly pursuing fresh ideas about new classes, marketing strategies and branding. To say the least, we have
constant work and mental stimulation – exactly what we want. With our ambitions as fuel and Treks and Tracks as our vehicle, rpm’s are rising as we’re racing into the future.

Life is so good…


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