from the boatyard..

The three of us have been spending days and nights this week onboard Patience…on land.  She’s laid up at Gravelle’s boatyard in Moss Landing getting some much-needed love from the crew and Ken, our rigger.  The days are grueling but rewarding: honest and dirty manual labor.  We have paint dust in our eyes and smiles on our faces.  Progress is steady.  We should be back in the water and sailing back to Santa Cruz for final provisioning in a few days.  The shaft log is fixed, the water-maker is getting its final plumbing, and after a full day (and evening) of sanding, painting and buffing, Patience’s hull is finely tuned and craving saltwater.

Downtime onboard is marked by a strange stillness.  Patience is made to move..  With the sea and with the wind.  For now we cook and read and sleep in the cabin without this natural cadence.  Excited as we may be for open seas and distant horizons, deep down we all appreciate, and even savor this gradual transition to life at sea.

Move in day!

Sanding pre-bottom paint

Last bit of sanding!

Painting by moonlight and headlamp

Daniel puts finishing touches on the rudder

It's a pretty industrial feeling pathway en route to getting back to the sea

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  1. January 13, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    the pix r otherworldly. looks like u guys could be in final stages of NASA prep for a moon ride.
    Then again, this is a moon ride! LOVE IT!!!

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