Oceanside to San Diego

Arguably, Jon knows the Baja coast better than anyone else in the US. He gave us invaluable information from his Oceanside home. THANKS JON!

We are heading to San Diego from Oceanside to do the final provisioning for several weeks on the Baja coast.  The statement “we’ve come a long way” is much more appropriate when referring to our mind set than distance covered (especially when looking at the charts).  The learning curve aboard is steep and since our first tentative nights settling into the cruising lifestyle, we’ve rapidly come up to speed on many fronts.  Knowledge and nerve have been tested, from finding wilderness anchorages under the blanket of night, to troubleshooting greasy diesel engines and elusive electrical charge systems.  And then there’s the fun along the way.

A calm cruise down the majestic Big Sur coast leading to Morro Bay and our first paddle out of the trip: choppy, chest to head high beachbreak that saw us whooping and smiling for hours straight.  Shore-side hikes and sand dune slides with friends during a wonderfully un-planned rendezvous.  Dolphins bow-riding during night shifts, stirring up glowing phosphorescence as the moon set and the stars shin