Caleta de Campos and Nexpa

The three of us had a head cleansing and invigorating experience at Pasquales. This location dished out a solid dose of heavy Mexican surf. Jakob and Paul had the experience first hand, being in the line up, paddling for the beasts. Our plan was to have two guys in the water, one guy in the dinghy standing by and then to rotate. The plan stopped before the first rotation. After Jakob and Paul finally made it out of the heavy surf, we were all a bit wide eyed as we made for Patience and readied her for our next leg to Caleta de Campos.

Jakob and Paul sharing a pretty one in Nexpa.

A sail through the night brought us to the small bay, as well as our jumping off point to access our next surf location, Nexpa. The two towns lie only a ten minute car ride apart, but considering the rural nature of Caleta de Campos, we weren’t sure how to get to Nexpa. No taxis, no bus. Armed with surf boards and smiles we started asking the kind folk of Caleta how we may get to Nexpa. After some walking and some talking, a friendly lady, who lived in Nexpa offered to take us. Compared to our usual mode of travel, the ride in the back of the pick truck felt like we hit the speed of sound. The driver dropped us off a short walk to the beach, not ten minutes after we jumped in her truck. Through simply talking to the friendly people of the small town, we made it to our destination in less than 20 minutes. We began walking down the hill towards the beach without view of the ocean yet.

Catching a spontaneous ride from a friendly Nexpa local.

Paul deep on a big set wave.

A turn of a corner and an opening in a building revealed the surf break we were approaching. We weren’t sure if we were looking at the ocean or at a big screen TV featuring the latest surf movie. As one would expect from someone whose wildest dreams have instantaneously come true, we quickly degenerated into chimpanzees, whooping and skipping about with our boards under our arms. And I think Paul almost fainted.

Jakob working the power section in his low-stance attack mode.

What followed, were some of the largest, cleanest waves anyone of us had experienced. Personally, being among the tallest waves of my life and not having been in the eye openers of Pasquales, a mental battle was ensuing that greatfully ended in riding the giant beauties. Jakob and Paul were thriving and had some of the best (if not the best) surfing of their lives. We came out of this session changed surfers. Everyone for different reasons.

Me, picking off a smaller, big one.

A friendly chat with the local food store owner got us a ride back to Caleta de Campos in the back of a truck. Jade, who happily came along on our surf mission had to catch a plane from Zihuatanejo some 80 nautical miles south of us. After we returned to Patience we got her ready for a night sail bound for a long stay in Zihuatanejo. May it be rich with fresh food, good waves and resources for boat projects. I think it will.

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  1. Sarah Oxford
    April 9, 2011 at 3:41 am

    Rad. How do you secure your camera to the surf board?

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