The Vessel of Being

Jakob, Paul, Daniel… and Patience~

Wow. Two weeks slipped beneath me, two weeks that are now emblazoned into my life story as a part of my personal mythology. The innate presence of having merged with the patterns of weather, wind, swell and wave that you each embody opened my life to a dimension of relationship with the vast sea that had, hitherto, been unknown to me. This in itself is incalculable. To the degree that I was thereby opened to that relationship with the ocean/coast/vessel as I journeyed with you, I will carry with me as an indelible essence of my own Vessel of Being.

Thank you. Thank you deeply.


Jade Wah’oo

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  1. LUIS
    April 15, 2011 at 11:17 am

    I love the way you describe your trip, I will be sailing in Acapulco the next week, mail me if you want to know some special places for anchor or surf at Acapulco

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