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We were experiencing another one of our “wave days”. Sail up to a spot we had heard about, jump off Patience and paddle into the line up. We began chatting to one of the surfers in the water. Turns out Shelby is a writer and adventurer. We told her a bit about our story and through the magic of the world wide web we connected again in cyber space. She was kind enough to write a short story about us on her blog.

Thanks Shelby for words that would blow up any male’s ego!

Exponential Inspiration

July 10th, 2011

While surfing a right hand point break at the most southerly tip off Costa Rica, with whom I thought was just a few friends, a boat showed up with a handful of guys. At first, my selfish capacity and innate desire to be a wave hog, was crushed. But as they paddled closer to the lineup and I realized they were all pretty good-looking, I decided to smile instead. Besides… they had a boat (that’s like owning a guitar times ten).


Surfing somewhere near here…

This is a tactic I probably shouldn’t admit. But when the surf is crowded and I need waves, I find the best strategy to catching them besides shedding layers of clothing, is to kill with kindness. I hoot, I holler, I cheer, and then waves start coming like I am the Buddha with disciples giving me offerings. ☺

Okay, that’s not the point of this story.
I asked the guys about the boat. I thought it was another charter littering a perfect spot. I was wrong. The guys had sailed from Santa Cruz down, on a journey inspired by similar people who inspired me to escape my cubical two years prior.

Their boat had two green trees painted on the side, and I figured they were also environmentalists.


Their boat, photo courtesy treks and tracks

I instantly thought of Liz Clark, a friend who has been sailing around the world since she graduated college who is also extremely eco-friendly in her ways. Turns out, she is one of the main sources of inspiration for their voyage and that’s when it hit.


And contagious.

These guys talked about Liz like she was rock star. She absolutely is in every sense of the way, though, what they are doing is also incredible… and inspiring.

I have been in Costa Rica an entire month now. Usually when I am here, I read immense amounts of books, pitch stories, write, run, surf, do yoga, pilates and wear myself out, but come home feeling incredibly accomplished.

This trip, I have surfed countless hours, but everything else has taken a back burner to good conversations and just “being” rather than always “doing.”


“Being” rather than “Doing” is so much more fun!

Going back to the story about the sailors… It was funny how they viewed themselves as doing something NOT THAT extraordinary. They were inspired by Liz Clark’s journey, but they didn’t want to even contact her until they had “finished” their own.

To me, a story about sailing down the Pacific on a rice and beans budget, is the kind of tale that makes me want jump up and down then race to write about it. In the water that session, rather than jonesing for waves, I just got more and more fired up.


These guys do more than just sail. Check them out here.

I told the sailors to contact Liz asap. I hope they do. And then I hope they share their story about their journey down the Pacific, then trekking across the mountains… with the world. Otherwise, I’m gonna’ help do it for them.
And if you read this guys — thanks for the waves and the surge of inspiration.
XO – S


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  1. July 10, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    she’s right — on all counts. From the good looking sailors to the exponentiality (new word) of inspiration.

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